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Water is an essential element for life, and its properties and behavior are defined by the hydrogen bonds that hold the two hydrogen molecules to the oxygen molecule. But did you know that these bonds also have the ability to remember and transmit vibrations they receive from the environment and other substances? This is the foundation of healing techniques such as homoeopathy and the basis for live, informed water.

Live, informed water is water that has been exposed to certain energy frequencies, which are believed to stimulate DNA and activate genes for the normal function of the organism. The TOMHOY water informer is designed to add information in the form of energy frequency to the water’s memory, either generally or individually for certain illnesses. Patients are also involved in this process by additionally informing water in the form of verbal or thought orders during drinking.

The human body is made up of mostly water, and it is present in every cell, the extracellular matrix, and blood. It supports and constitutes our organs. By drinking live, informed water, we add a bit of life energy to ourselves, which can support our bodily functions, making infections and illnesses more difficult, and accelerating recovery in case of infection.

The difference between live and regular water can be seen in the crystallization process, where live water forms more regular, beautiful crystals while regular water forms uneven, random crystals. The international recognized BION institute has tested and certified TOMHOY water, confirming its properties and healing potential.

It is important to note that drinking live, informed water alone is not the only solution for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle also includes regular exercise, consuming less processed food, and positive thoughts and feelings. However, incorporating live, informed water into your daily routine can have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being.

We recommend drinking TOMHOY water every day for a certain period of time in order to see changes, and if there are no expected results, contact the TOMHOY center to inform the water for a specific illness. Say goodbye to harmful negative body vibrations and hello to healing positive energy frequencies with TOMHOY water. Try it today and see the difference it can make in your health and well-being.

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