TOMHOY crystal sip WATER

Indulge in the clarity and refinement of TOMHOY Water with our crystal-clear glass bottles. Their timeless design and refreshing taste make every sip a truly luxurious experience, perfect for office gatherings, conferences, or elegant dinners. The 0.7L gin-like bottle adds a touch of sophistication to the table setting, enhancing the overall ambiance of the occasion. Meanwhile, the 0.2L bottle offers a more compact and practical option for individual enjoyment, ensuring each participant can have their own premium water experience.

TOMHOY pure flow WATER

Experience the purity and smoothness of TOMHOY Water in our classic glass bottles. With a design that exudes simplicity and elegance, it's the perfect companion for office meetings, gatherings, or any social event. The 0.75L bottle is ideal for sharing and serving at the table, allowing everyone to enjoy the refreshing taste of TOMHOY Water together. For more intimate settings or individual servings, the 0.25L bottle is a convenient choice, ensuring each person has their own personal refreshment.


Stay active and refreshed with TOMHOY Water in our sporty plastic bottles. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply staying hydrated throughout the day, AquaFit provides the perfect balance of functionality and convenience. Available in 1.5L, 0.5L. In addition to our regular 0.5L bottle, we also offer a 0.5L bottle with a secure sports cork, designed for easy access and spill-free hydration. With AquaFit, you can satisfy your active lifestyle and quench your thirst with the refreshing purity of TOMHOY Water.


Enjoy the refreshing taste of TOMHOY Water in our convenient Tetra Pak packaging. AquaPak combines the purity and quality of TOMHOY Water with the practicality and portability of a Tetra Pak 0,75L, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go hydration or enjoying at home. With its durable and eco-friendly design, AquaPak ensures that you can stay hydrated anytime, anywhere, while also contributing to a sustainable future.